Goibniu of the hammer and the forge,
of the brawny arm and the answering strike,
maker of weaponry mighty and finely formed,
crafter of blades honed to a deadly edge,
brewer of the mead of invulnerability.
Goibniu, keen-eyed master of molten ore,
O god of art, blacksmith unequaled, I honor you.

Luchtaine of the knife and the supple tree,
of the skillful touch and the careful cut,
shaper of shields to hold back the fiercest foe,
craftsman who sees in the grain of any wood
the best and truest work that resides within.
Luchtaine, guide of the builder and the joiner,
O god of art, woodwright unequaled, I honor you.

Creidhne of craftwork delicate and defined,
molder of the metals of the deep earth,
who takes from craggy stone the glittering ore
and makes from it things of beauty and worth,
the choicest of treasures in any king’s trove.
Creidhne, who knows the substance within well-wrought work,
O god of art, goldsmith unequaled, I honor you.