I’ve said more that once that I don’t write poems, I write prayers.  So to me, what’s in this blog isn’t really poetry.

Only it kind of is. I mean, it isn’t prose. I don’t use rhyme, but I do use metre and alliteration and a few other words I learned in lit class. I do try to evoke meaning with words rather than saying things outright. So is that poetry? Other folks seem to find it so.

Anyway, generally speaking it doesn’t matter much.

But I wanted to mention to all you creative types that apparently April is NaPoWriMo, or “National Poetry Writing Month.” Which makes it kind of like NaNoWriMo for those of us who–due to what it is that we write–don’t find word count all that useful a gauge. 🙂

Apparently all it calls for is “Write a poem a day.”  Which–yes I know (oh do I know!)–is easier said than done. I am not at all sure that I will manage it. But I am going to try!