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I call to fair Creiddylad, daughter of Lludd
of the silver hand, loveliest maid in all the isles,
gentlest and most noble woman, comely
of form, graceful of bearing, charming of manner,
shining bright in wisdom and virtue. Creiddylad,
your beauty and your goodness drew to you
the love of worthy men, your lot it was to bear
the strife sown by their rivalry. You know the cost
of jealousy, the sorrow and the suffering,
you know the burden of a pretty face
and a fate unchosen, you know the need
of a living world; goddess, I honor your calling.


To Rigani, wise of spirit, noble of heart,
I offer my praise. Gentle goddess, great queen
whose feet are rooted in the sovereign earth,
whose hands reach out into the dark, among the stars,
yours is the heart of fire, the temple amid
the wisps, yours the lands above the fragile shell,
above the living stone. Beautiful Rigani,
gracious and good, you are the glory of the night,
the secret of existence, you are the blossom
and the bloom, the scent before the storm. Rigani
who stands between order and chaos, who rules
each realm, I call your name, I honor your works.

I call to Bormana of the beautiful mists,
lady of the fortunate lands, well-bounded
by mountain and by river-flow. O goddess,
great of goodness, great of art, friend of the wounded
and the ailing, of those who call out in the night
in pain and desperation, who put their trust in you,
whether you stand alone in strength and service,
whether you unite in might with merciful Borvo,
always you are generous and free with your gifts,
always you answer the prayers of the needy
with kindness and care. Compassionate goddess,
Bormana of the gentle hand, I honor you.

I call to Laha, lady of the sweet waters,
the well and the spring, the basin and the fountainhead;
you are the flow of blood, the flow of the spirit,
you are the journey begun, the current that draws
us onward, relentlessly and irresistibly.
Yours are the ancient peaks, the rivers fierce and wild,
the rapids and the waterfall, the unkind lands
that sustain our lives and nourish our existence.
Good and gracious Laha, whose tales are long gone,
whose people endure and are cherished, O goddess,
I call to you with reverence and awe,
I wonder at your glory, I honor your name.

I call to Nassania of the flowing waters,
lady of the freshwater sea, ever restless,
never still, goddess who renews herself
each moment, who stirs the silt with every swirl.
Nassania, goddess supple and persistent,
mistress of a land of many voices, many tongues,
you know the beauty in asymmetry; you know
the sweetest harmony comes from diversity;
you know the time for battle, you know the time
to yield. Nassania, lady of the fountain,
lady of uncertainty, you who grant the gift
of change, goddess, I praise you and honor your might.

I call to Alauda of the gentle hand,
goddess bountiful and good, great-hearted one
whose gift it is to bring together the spirits
of land and humanity; you know the art
of harmony, the craft of give and take. Yours
is the river long and lithe, the passage of years,
the course of many lives; yours is the voice
of understanding, the will to serve the good.
We know you in larksong, in fields of bright grain.
in the floodplain and the ford; goddess of concord,
whose grace and glory long sustained the faithful
and the needy. Alauda, I honor your might.

Gracious and good Vesunna, lady of rivers
long and wide, of cities great and beautiful,
of a people who cannot be broken, who rally
after any fall, your realm lies low, O goddess,
between the valley and the peak; your lands are green
and bountiful, with furrowed fields and hillsides
thick with vines. Your temple stands in ruins now,
the grass grown tall among the stones, a tower
rent and weathered, yet fair and noble still.
Merciful Vesunna, whose gift it is to grant
good luck, who is the friend of those who live along
the far edge of enough, I praise and honor you.

Arnemetia of the holy grove, feet firm
upon the soft green sod, in the rustling of leaves,
in rainfall and in birdsong, we hear your call.
Lady of the waters, the searing springs,
the healthful drink, among the trees you were honored,
O goddess, and in your shrine of wood and stone
the faithful prayed, at need and in thanks, they sung
of your might and your glory, offering gifts
in gratitude, bright coins and figures carved in clay,
pouring out libations in your name. Arnemetia
who blesses the ailing and the sound, who hallows
the ground on which we stand, I praise and honor you.

I call Sentona of the variegated lands,
goddess of the laughing rivers, the long lost tongue;
yours are the people of hilltop and mountain-vale,
of forests great and wild, makers of bread and wine,
bold in battle, wise in the ways of ore and stone,
fire and forge. Sentona, guardian goddess,
guide of the lost, you know the dark road like no other,
you gather the stray and the struggling soul,
you stand by those who wander and drift away,
until they find their path once more. Sentona,
beautiful and bright, I honor your goodness
and your glory, I offer you my words of praise.

Adsullata of the good waters, the sparkling springs
that roil and seethe, the river that feeds on mountain snow,
goddess bright, fair as the noonday sun, awesome
and terrible, crowned with life and fire, I praise you.
Lady of the river-vale, mistress of lands
embattled and torn, yours are the passions of men,
the wrath and the desire, yours is the beauty
that compels the eye, yours the flame that warms the earth.
Adsullata, bountiful and kind, provider
of plenty, healer of the sick, mender
of the broken, radiant one, granter of blessings
great and small, I call to you, I honor your name.

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