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There is a wealth of information available on the gods of the insular Celts, one of the many benefits of having a surviving literature. It can be more difficult to find information about the gods of the continental tribes. Here are a few links to explore.

Deo Mercurio
Excellent site about Gaulish gods and religion. My link is to the English-language version of the site, but there is also (and, I believe, primarily) a French version. Good info, good citations.

Celtnet is a wonderful trove of information about Welsh, Gaulish and Brythonic deities, well cited and highly recommended.

Gods of Gaul and Britain Map
My own no-guarantees, very much a work in progress Google map that attempts to place those Celtic and Germanic gods of Gaul and Britain who we know primarily from archaeological evidence.  If you see any glaring errors, please let me know. 🙂

If you know of any other good Gaulish links, please let me know!


I call to fair Latis, lady of the waters,
the seething springs, the rivers rough and raging,
the well dug deep into the earth in which your might
resides. Goddess you are of our blood and of our bliss,
of the wine and the whiskey, the ale and the mead,
the flowing fire that lights our loins, the blessed brew
that grants voice and vision to the bard. O Latis,
ancient one, your people walked the wall of Hadrian
with spear in hand and prayer upon their lips;
in later days they trod the furrowed fields, sowing seed
and hoping for good harvest. Latis of the spur,
of sweetness and wrath, I praise your name, I honor you.

Hail to Caturix, lord of the fight, defender
of home and tribe, steadfast soul of the land!
Long ago, O Caturix, your name was well known,
your might well honored, your people well regarded,
great in battle, wise in war, able with spear and sword,
preserving field and family, house and hearth.
Caturix of the keen eye and the ceaseless vigil,
so many years have passed since a nation called to you,
and still your feet sink deep into the sod,
and still your voice resounds within the wind.
O mindful, wary watchman, I pray to you,
I recall your power, I praise your constancy.

Bricta of the broiling baths, the healing spring,
companion of the lord of light, silvery bright,
dancing on the waters, on ripple and crest,
here and gone in an eyeblink’s time, I call to you.
Great-hearted Bricta, good and gracious goddess,
shining one, lady most noble, lady most high,
lady of magics, of words wrought well with precision
and care, laid into lead, pressed into the earth.
Watchful Bricta, safe-keeper, merciful goddess,
shield of the innocent, refuge of the weak,
friend of the forsaken, solace of the lost,
I offer you my praise and my reverence.

Noreia of the frosted peaks and clear cold lakes,
the fields of grain and fruitful tree, the thick-grown woods,
the precious ore within the earth, I call to you.
Noreia, mistress of a land rich and rugged,
of a people steadfast and strong, fond-hearted and fierce,
your sanctuary stood in days long gone, stone walls
adorned with noble tales in colors bright and bold,
a trove of gifts and offerings made with love
and gratitude, shining coins and pretty baubles,
fair figures cast in gold and silver, carved in clay.
Noreia, giver of strength to bear many burdens,
granter of blessings great and small, I honor you.

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