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Fionnghula, daughter of deep-dwelling Lir,
O fair-faced maid with shoulders white as seafoam,
your tale is one of sorrow, your life one of loss,
of tears and betrayal, of love that endures.
Great-hearted Fionnghula of the swan-children,
the wandering ones, bound ever together
with chains of bright silver, from river to river,
from season to season you made your way,
counting the passing years, holding on to hope,
awaiting the breaking of curse and bond.
I call to you, Fionnghula of the Danann;
I honor your suffering, I honor your story.


Brigid of the flame that burns away all ill,
Brigid of the words that grant comfort and might,
Brigid of the anvil and the fiery forge,
I pray to you for the healing of ______________,
may his/her pain be eased, may his/her spirit be strong,
may s/he grow hale and whole and in all ways sound.
Good and gentle Brigid, kindest of goddesses,
grant your blessing to ______________, I pray;
grant to him/her your gift of renewal.

I call to Cliodhna of the Fortunate Isles,
daughter of the Danann, fair-haired Cliodhna
of the three bright birds that ate from the apple-tree,
their song a salve to any wound, any ill.
Pretty lovers you took, O goddess, mortal men
lured by your wondrous and terrible beauty,
yet ever did you return to the Land of the Young.
Cliodhna of the stony cairn, whose voice rang out
over hill and glen, a shriek to still the heart;
chief of the mound-women, chief of the mourners
of great men. Cliodhna of many guises,
I honor your story, I honor your name.

Wise and gentle Airmed, whose art it is
to know the green things of the world, root and leaf,
stem and seed, to tend them with care, to work the soil
from which they draw their might; you hear each voice
of flower and weed, they speak to you of life and death,
of healing and of harm. Airmed, mender of men,
daughter of skillful Dian Cecht, whose wrath was borne
by your dear brother, you know the pain of a heart
torn by grief, you know the good of tears freely shed.
Airmed, beloved goddess, yours are the tonics
and balms that arise from the earth, yours the remedies
that ease body and spirit. Airmed, I call to you.

Etain of whom great tales are told, most lovely of maids,
Etain the Horse Rider whose gentle hands
could guide the fiercest steed with ease, Etain whose grace
never failed despite grief and misfortune,
I honor you, O lady, I honor your strength.
Unfortunate bride of Midir, great of heart
and great of love, who fondly named you Woman Fair;
silver-winged goddess, who suffered the wrath
of wronged Fuamnach; bride again, unlucky again,
of noble Eochaid. Etain of many sorrows,
Etain of many dooms, Etain of lives lived
with good intent and ill fortune, I honor you.

Eithne of the flowing hair, fair of face
and sweet of spirit, bright flame of life and hope
who shines forth in the dark, who endures in the storm.
Child of swift-striking Balor of the burning eye,
mother of Lugh whose wisdom and craft have no peer,
you know well the depth of sorrow and loss.
Daughter of the clan of Fomoire, a house old
and noble; bride you became to far-famed Cian
of the tribe of mighty Danu whose hand we yet see
on the good green land. Eithne called Feada,
queenly one, uniter of family, sustainer
of kin, I greet you with all reverence and honor.

Gracious Be Binn, woman of strength, woman of worth,
O radiant one, of life’s melody you know much.
Many are the tales told of you and yours, Be Binn;
many the bards who sought to sing of your beauty
and your courtesy, yet none could tell it true,
so fair you are, unbearably fair. Many too,
O goddess, the women of Eire who bore your name,
so strong the ties that bind you to that land.
You are with us when we enter this world, O goddess;
you are with us when we step into the next.
Be Binn, companion on our long, dear journey,
I seek your wisdom, I seek your blessing.

Great-hearted Tailtiu, daughter of distant kings,
beloved bride of Eochaid, enduring one
who lived through loss, who weathered the storm of war
and stood strong in spite of sorrow and suffering.
Tailtiu, foster-mother of clever, crafty Lugh,
kind one who cared well for the long-handed one,
as if he were her own dear child; in gratitude
for your love and keeping, in honor of your goodness
and your mettle, did he decree that games be held,
that all should feast and frolic in your name,
recalling your virtue and your worth. O goddess,
Tailtiu of field and farm, I praise and honor you.

To Fand, fair Fand, I offer my praise. Goddess
of the cold blue sea, shining one, glorious one,
luminous as a perfect pearl, bittersweet
as a love long lost, pure as a sole salt tear,
I honor your ancient beauty, your depth of feeling,
your generous heart, O wise and knowing one.
Bride of Manannan, beloved of Cuchulainn,
woman of the otherworld, you know your worth,
you know your heart, your honor knows no compromise.
In all the worlds no woman is your equal,
O Fand of the distant isles; in all the worlds
no finer spirit may be found, O goddess.

Flidais of the tangled wood, mistress of stag and doe
and all free creatures; Flidais of the flowing hair,
lovely one, changing one, bride of kings and mother
of champions, yours is the fair white cow that fed
the army of Connacht, yours the swift and sturdy
chariot drawn by wild-born deer, your firm hand guiding
the skittish beasts with godly skill and certainty.
Mighty is your will that brings to rein the headstrong
and the mad, mighty your passion that sated
the lusty king of old Ulster. Flidais,
fierce one, gentle one, who follows no master,
who bears no constraint, I pray for your favor.

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